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Keynote Speaking

Inspire, Magnetize & Motivate your Audience

Eva M. Francis, RN, MSN, CCRN, Healthcare & Leadership Professional Speaker, will provide you with keynote speaking, based on your organizational needs. As keynote speaker she realizes that you are looking for the best to inspire, magnetize and motivate your audience or your team to taking action. The following are some of our Keynote speech topics, and we can customize to meet your organizational needs

  • The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Creating Your Dream Life
  • Transform Your Leadership & Maximize Your Success
  • Graduation Keynote Addresses to Colleges & Universities
  • Activating Your Leadership Greatness & Potential
  • Leading the Way in Your Organization
  • Customer Service/Service Excellence


Are you looking a dynamic speaker to empower & inspire your team to action?

Book Eva Francis to speak in your organization
  1. Eva speaks in both private and corporate setting on "Developing & Unleashing Your Authentic Leadership"
  2. Eva empowers nurses and inspires them during Nurses Week. Eva will change the culture in your healthcare organization to improve patient safety as well as patient satisfaction.
  3. Eva will assist you and your team with value based purchasing and other regulatory issues.

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