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The Brilliant Business School Program

Congratulations on the great Step of faith that you have made to be a Business Owner. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see your success. You deserve to design and create an excited life of fulfillment, joy, health and freedom where you can: BeMORE, HaveMORE, GiveMORE


We offer FOUR Business Track packages for you to choose from. Please click on the pay now button to purchase the track package.

Bronze Track

1 Power Session - $197
  • 1 hour class to clarify your business mission & model
  • During this time you will discuss whether you are truly ready to launch your business, the reason (your whys), your passion, and your mission and what is your next step, and what approach you would like to take

Silver Track

4 Sessions - $767
  • Free E-Book on Alternatives for Nursing or Marketing E-book
  • Get Clarity on the kind of Business that You want to Start
  • Why that Business/Your Passion & Purpose
  • Business Plan Readiness
  • Unlimited e-mails about your business during the 4 weeks period
  • Unlimited Questions about your business during the 4 weeks period
  • Launch Me Now Process
  • Scripting of Message/ Elevator Message/Template/Speakers Kit etc.
  • Decide on a Launch Date at the the 1st Coaching Session

The Class Modules offered
with this package are listed below.

Gold Track

6 Sessions - $1997
  • Complete Silver Track
  • 6 X 1 hours session
  • Overall evaluation of your business
  • Weekly 1 hour session focusing on the following:
    • Growth of business
    • Marketing plan
    • Income strategies
    • Multiple stream of income growth
    • Networking strategies
    • Adding services
    • Speaking engagements/keynotes/marketplace credibility
    • Positioning for the market place

The Class Modules offered
with this package are listed below.

Platinum Track

8 Sessions - $2997
  • Completion of Gold package sessions
  • Completion of Silver package sessions
  • Simple goal setting strategy plan - overview of your goal setting plan. We will brainstorm on how to reach the goals you have identified
  • We will work on a general overview of how to reach those goals
  • Holistic evaluation - an evaluation of five major areas of your life (health, relational/social, financial, spiritual, and emotional). This is non-diagnostic, only based on your intake questionnaire/assessment and thorough observation
  • How to improve your personal brand/business/launch
  • Discussion of goals/strategic plans
  • Unlimited questions by phone for six months
  • Review results and road blocks/celebrate successes
  • Advance mindsets and strategies for advanced growth
  • Turning prospects into clients
  • Online sales
  • Time management and life balance

The Class Modules offered
with this package are listed below.

Class Modules

These Modules are offered with SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM Packages

Session 1-  START  UP  MODULE

  • Discuss the importance of Being Ready
  • Your Business Plan & Business Check List
  • Your Role as President & CEO your business
  • Discuss the Steps to Transform Your Skills & Expertise into a Lucrative Business
  • Translate your knowledge into a Business Program


  • Focus on Your Idea Bank  & Your Passion Factory
  • Decide on Your Business Model & Industry Nitche
  • Business Basics & Content
  • Get Clarity on Your Mission Statement & Value Proposition
  • How to prevent Costly Mistakes.
  • How to get Sponsors, Grants to succeed in the Market place

Session 3 – BRANDING   MODULE 

  • Naming & Branding your Business
  • Avoid Business Naming Mistakes /Domain/Simplicity
  • The Quality of Service & Products
  • Your Logo & Website/Color/
    Promotional Items
  • Free Products/Low Costs Products/Fiverr/Do it Yourself Fliers
  • Business Growth & Steps to Generate Income on Day 1 of Launch
  • Utilizing Social Media Sites/Platform to build & grow brand
  • Face Book/Twitter/
    Instagram/ Linkedin/Google Plus etc.


  • Learn The importance of VISIBILITY EXAMPLE BLOGGING, NEWSLETTER, Blog Talk Radio Show, and Podcasting & You Tube. Use these platforms to monetize your website.
  • Fliers/ Community Involvement/ More Recognition/ More Credibility/ More Sales with your Service and Content
  • Finding Your Voice -  Speaking/ Churches/ Community/ KeyNote Speaking/ Education
  • Establishing ways of starting making Multiple Streams of Income.
  • Understanding & Learning Email Marketing & Software


  • Get Set Ready Go & Open The Doors to Your Newly Created Business
  • Learn the art of New Working in Business ( Marketing Basics & Network Marketing)
  • Establishing Potential Clients and Partners /Sponsors .
  • Legal Aspects of Business/ Accreditation/ Certifications/ Grants Availability
  • States Registration/ Taxes/ Hiring of Accountant Expertise
  • How to Start making Money & Making an Impact and a difference immediately
  • Question & Answer During this Session

Our Master Success System is built upon PASSION - PURPOSE - PROFIT

When working with me, you will learn to:

  • Clarify the mission/vision for your business
  • Change your mindset so that you believe that you can be successful in business
  • Understand, Identify & Attract your ideal client
  • Create a clear mission and know how to respond when you are asked "What do you do for living?"
  • Take Massive Action & Get things done on time
  • Become a well respected expert in your industry
  • Create a step-by-step marketing plan with strategies that work for your business

It is time for you to Reinvent your life, embrace your calling & accelerate into a life of passion and purpose. Brilliant Business Coaching Services is for you if:

  • You are Ready to turn your ideas and your passion into a Lucrative Business
  • You are a smart professional & Ready to Design a Business with what you already know
  • You are Ready to become a Life Changer
  • You are Ready to get started & go to the Another Level, but want a clear step-by-step approach to follow
  • You are Ready to unleash the GREATNESS & the UNIQUENESS within you
  • You are Ready to invest in your life and go to the Next Level
  • You are Ready to experience success, but know that there is work to be done
  • You are Ready to be the leader that you were meant to be, learn and grow
  • You are Ready to help others who have been waiting for you to Touch Their Lives and Make a Difference

If any of the above sounds like you, then perhaps you are the type of Leader & Aspiring Business Owner who will be successful in our Brilliant Business Coaching Services. This program was designed to help you build a lucrative business and be successful.