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Create the Life-Health-Career-Business-Relationship that you want with Coaching. As your Coach, Eva will empower you to improve your health , find your God-Given passion & purpose and live a life of Joy, Happiness & Fulfillment.

Eva has been coaching Professionals, Leaders & Executives for over 20 years. With her 6 Steps Consultation & Coaching Approach, individuals will change their mind-set, embrace healthy nutritional habits, change their lifestyle, decrease stress, find their purpose & begin to enjoy an amazing & fulfilling life at any age.

Eva believes that Health is Wealth and without living the optimum healthy lifestyle, one cannot successfully accomplish everything all that they were meant to Be. We must give ourselves permission to have & to be what God has for us. It's never too late to Pursue your Dream and live out your life's Purpose.

Here are the Steps:

  • Clarify the Goal
  • Make it Real
  • Strategize Action Steps
  • Accountability
  • Positive Results
  • Celebrate each Phase of Results

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Eva believes that Health is Wealth & without living that Optimum Healthy lifestyle one cannot be successful & accomplish everything that they were meant to be.
It's never too late to Be Healthy, Pursue your Dream & Live out your Life's Purpose.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is an investment in yourself. If you want to live your dream & be your best, coaching is partnering with an individual to create the future that they envision, or the future that they want to have. It's also about challenging and supporting the best in themselves. Coaching helps people become more focused, more inspired, motivated & organized in their personal & professional lives. Coaching helps individuals to live a happier, healthier life.

Is Coaching for You?
You may be thinking about this area of coaching. You may be looking for a life coach. You may be an executive or a small business owner, you may be in transition, reinventing your life and want to know the next step to take. You may be an individual looking to find balance at work, in your health, in your career and in your relationships. You may be someone looking to impact the lives of others, or you may be having difficulties in your relationships with spouse, children, etc. You may be having difficulty with members of your church or even your church leadership. You may be having some health challenges & need some answers, as far as Health and Nutrition, choice of physician. You have come to the right place, EvaI can help you. She is confident that if you hire her as your coach, you will be placed in the league of highly successful people who get where they want to go in life. Focus on purpose, happiness, fulfillment. Start your coaching journey now. Don't waste another year with the same un-met goals, and the same unlived dreams. Make your life work for you. Hire Eva to work with you. Make your life Counts.

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